About Author Steven Suttie

For somebody who hated school, and history lessons in particular, Steve is never happier than when he is learning new stuff about the city where he grew up and where he sets the DCI Miller stories. Manchester. Steve loves the city so much that he once tried to replicate Morrisey’s famous bike pose on a mobike, but forgot to bring daffodils so photoshopped some in later, arguably rather poorly.

Steve writes exciting, fast-paced crime thrillers set all across the city. Greater Manchester is a fascinating place, with a rich history that every Manc is proud of. This is the place where the Industrial Revolution began, where the first steam-powered mill was built. It is the place where the first passenger railway line was laid, where the first computer was created, where the atom was split, the place that 25 Nobel prize winners come from. Manchester is the place where the first public library was built, the first canal was created, the city where the first international art festival was held. This is the place where Emmeline Pankhurst set up the Suffragette movement. Trade Unions were born here, Roget’s Thesaurus was written here. The first bus route set off from here. This is the place that engineered the first fresh water supply for its citizens and it is the place that provided the first municipal park. Manchester is the city that has created the best music and television and it is recognised globally as the number one football city. Manchester contains Britain’s only UFO landing strip, proof if any was needed that this is a city that looks forwards, as well as back at its incredible list of achievements. Mind you, a UFO landing strip might be a little bit crackers, even by Manchester’s standards.

Steve loves to weave these types of facts and details into the DCI Miller books, none more so than in Miracle on Corporation Street : This is a standalone Miller book set on one day in 1996, the day that the IRA destroyed Manchester City Centre.

Growing up on the East side of Manchester in the 80’s, then living on the West side in the 90’s, Steve has a great affection for the city and its people, trying his best to portray the area and the people as truthfully as possible through the DCI Miller’s stories. The city centre might look great these days, and the exciting developments are unquestionably fantastic, but hidden behind those swanky skyscrapers and all the urban regeneration, the city of Greater Manchester still has plenty of social problems. Steve tries to look at each one in isolation through each story.

Steve started writing whilst working in radio, inspired by the magical ability that radio has for conjuring up all kinds of images via the “theatre of the mind.” He quickly fell in love with writing and the idea of being able to transport readers and especially himself, into made-up crime scenes and then exploring the reasons behind why the made-up crime had occured in the first place. This has developed into researching lots of interesting topics such as ADHD, social class divides, gambling addiction, sex offender rehabilitation, government cruelty and police corruption throughout the pages of the DCI Miller books.

When he is not writing gritty, exciting crime thrillers and dreaming of them one day becoming a BAFTA award winning TV series, Steve can be found knocking around Clitheroe in Lancashire where he supplements his writing income working as a part-time glove model. Okay, that bit is not strictly true. But the bit about dreaming of a TV series is, so if your mum or dad run ITV or the BBC or Netflix, please tell them about the DCI Miller stories. And please mention that Stephen Graham is Steve’s favourite choice for playing DCI Andy Miller if he can do an alright Manc accent.