The first two DCI Miller stories are now available as audiobooks.

Narrated and produced by the broadcaster Simon Williams, the audiobooks have been lovingly crafted into broadcast standard audio dramas which wouldn’t sound out of place on BBC Radio 4, complete with supporting cast members, incidental theme music and layered with brilliant sound-effects which really transport listeners to the very heart of the stories.

Simon is a very busy man who narrates audiobooks for numerous authors, but rest assured that he is currently busy weaving his magic with the rest of the DCI Miller series which will be available to download from Audible over the coming months.

If you are new to Audible, you can download your first title for free! Just click on the images below to start your download and enjoy the stories!

DCI Miller 1 : One Man Crusade Audiobook
DCI Miller 2 : Neighbours From Hell Audiobook

“I read this on kindle firstly, I loved it so much I grabbed the audio, it’s hysterically funny, not sure that it’s meant to be, it is deadly serious too in a pretty dark way, but it appealed to my dark sense of humour so I enjoyed it.

The warning should be taken seriously, the warning about the swearing, there is a lot of that but many people live surrounded by this all day every day so yes, it can be treated as realistic, it just depends on where you live as to how normal it will seem.

It’s a rather sad story overall though, another thing to bear in mind.”

Andromeda’s Twin