Manchester’s Favourite Detective

DCI Andy Miller

The DCI Miller series is a popular British Kindle detective series by author Steven Suttie. These fast-paced detective stories feature Manchester’s best known detective, Andy Miller who the Serious Crimes Investigation Unit.

Andrew Miller is just a normal family man, he’s not a secret alcoholic or a gambler, he’s not a womaniser and he doesn’t have a tragic back story. He’s just a really nice bloke who works with his small team of loyal and hard-working detectives. Miller and his team are responsible for investigating the most shocking and troubling cases in the city. There’s never a dull moment.


The newest DCI Miller adventure is available now, and is being hailed as the “best one yet.” Have you downloaded Twisting the Truth to your Kindle yet?

This is the 8th story in the series and Miller is in big trouble. A local gangster has some very sensitive information regarding an old SCIU case and he wants to blackmail the famous DCI from behind the walls of Strangeways prison. Will Miller fold and dance to Tommy McKinlay’s tune? Nah, will he heckers like!

This title is best enjoyed if you’ve read Miller 1 : One Man Crusade.