Miller 1 : One Man Crusade


The police face an extraordinary problem.

Somebody has started shooting unsuspecting citizens dead as they go about their daily business in the north west of England.

But it is a very specific type of person that the gun man is targeting. Paedophiles.

In order to keep the public calm, the police have no alternative but to reveal the killer’s motive.

And that’s when things start to get really tricky for the investigating officers. Public revulsion of child molesters is at an all time high, so when the killer is hailed as a hero vigilante by the media – DCI Andrew Miller and his team face the ultimate challenge in catching a man who is determined to continue with his executions, until he is caught.

PLEASE NOTE: This book contains swearing throughout. (Including the worst one.)

Author Steven Suttie taps into an interesting moral dilemma, a serial killer supported by the public and the story of those responsible for catching him. It’s a treatment that could be so easy to get wrong, but the author does this well, presenting the reader with a roller coaster ride of emotions in the process.
Unusually, the main character, admirable family man DCI Andy Miller, takes a step aside for a large part of the story, but this is handled well as we get to know his deputies, how they work with him, their own opinions and demons etc.
Steven Suttie has a gift for realistic dialogue and his description of the locations in the book take the reader right there to modern day Greater Manchester.
This is the first DCI Miller book I have read, but the descriptions of the others in this series suggest that indie writer Steven Suttie doesn’t shy away from tackling controversial storylines. I will certainly be checking out his other work.

Alan B