Miller 6 : Proof of Life


Mr Pollard has been a teacher at the same school for over thirty years. Many of his pupil’s parents were taught by him, too. The whole community of Stalybridge in Manchester is shocked to learn that the well respected teacher, affectionately known as “Well’ard” has gone missing, and so has one of his pupils.

Due to the unpredictable behaviour of the pupil involved, it took several days to identify that both people were missing. But are they together? Or is this just a really weird coincidence? After all, the pupil has a history of disappearing for several days at a time. There’s a good chance that this could just be something and nothing. But the leading detective doesn’t like to take chances.

As DCI Miller is drafted in to try and figure out what is going on, he is dismayed to learn that there are no “golden hours” of investigation work to carry out. The golden hours are almost a week old by the time Miller and his team are given the job of finding Mr Pollard, and the troubled youth. None the less, Miller is determined to get to the bottom of this sensational investigation, which has already attracted the attention of the nation’s media. Naturally, the press are coming up with their own conclusions.

I read a lot of books, however I was new to to this author until recently. What a revelation, I read the first book and straight away bought the rest of the series. Proof of Life is such a good book that I read it until late until my eyes gave up and started it again this morning. The book is beautifully written, funny, sad, heartwarming and also very informative. I learnt a lot. All teachers should read Proof of Life. If you have not read books by this author before, do yourself a favour and start at number 1. They can be gritty and dark on occasion but always, for me anyway, gripping! I am eagerly awaiting the next one.

Lesley Rea